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How to troubleshoot McAfee error code 2?


McAfee is a globally known antivirus that offers various advanced security tools and features. McAfee antivirus plans are available for Windows, Mac, as well as for phone users. This antivirus provides various good tools and services for internet security. For basic features, you can also install the free plan of McAfee antivirus. McAfee provides reliable services to users. But some people face few errors while installing or scanning with McAfee. McAfee error code 2 appears while installing the antivirus on PC.


Reasons for getting McAfee error code 2:

Your antivirus is not compatible with the PC

Broken registry files

You have another antivirus installed

Temporary files are conflicting with McAfee

Your McAfee license get expired

Corrupted Windows files

You have deleted some McAfee program files mistakenly


Resolving McAfee error code 2:


Check for the compatibility 

If your McAfee plan is not compatible with the PC then you have to get another McAfee plan for your device. Check McAfee antivirus for the system requirements. Now open your PC and check for the RAM, processor, and disk space. If your PC is not able to fulfil the requirements then you need to upgrade your antivirus.


Renew your McAfee antivirus

You can get the McAfee error code 2 when your McAfee license expires. Open the dashboard of McAfee antivirus and click on subscriptions. Check the remaining days on your license. If your license gets expired then go for McAfee renew. Click on the Renew button and you will be redirected to the McAfee website. Open your McAfee profile and click on the Renew button. If you have a key then click on the Key option and enter the code. Otherwise, follow the on-screen commands and fill the billing details. After completing the steps, open your McAfee dashboard and check for the remaining days on your license. Now run a full system scan with McAfee and check whether your McAfee error gets fixed or not.


Check the Windows files

Windows files get corrupted when you make some inappropriate changes on your PC. Sometimes a runtime error can also corrupt the files. Fixing the Windows files manually is not an easy job. But you can use the Windows System File Checker Tool for troubleshooting the error. This is an inbuilt tool which fixes all the corrupted Windows files. Here are the steps for using the Windows System File Checker tool:

Close the McAfee error wizard

Click on the Start button

Type command on the search bar

Press and hold ctrl and shift keys

Press the Enter button

A permission prompt will appear

Choose the Allow button

Windows command screen will appear

Type sfc/scannow on the command screen

Press the Enter button

Now the file checker tool will start scanning the corrupted files. It will restore the files automatically. After restoring the corrupted files, restart your computer. Go to McAfee dashboard and click on the scan button. If your McAfee antivirus is still showing you the McAfee error 2 then seek for other solutions.


Remove the conflicting programs

McAfee conflicting issues mainly appear when you have installed another antivirus on the PC. When you install McAfee setup, you must remove other security programs from your PC. Check the list of all programs on your device. If you have any security program then remove it immediately. After upgrading the McAfee plan, people often forget to uninstall the prior McAfee plan. If you have another McAfee plan set up on the PC then uninstall it immediately. You should also remove all the related files from your device and then check for the error.


Remove the PC junk

Your PC junk like temporary files can also interrupt the scanning process of your McAfee antivirus. Open the Temporary files folder and remove all the files. Now check for other junk on the PC. Run the clean manager tool for removing the junk. Open the command screen on your PC. Now type cleanmgr on the command screen and press the Enter button from the keyboard. The clean manager tool will start checking for the junk files on your device. You will see a list of items. Check the items you want to delete and press the Enter button. Restart your PC and check for the McAfee error.


If the McAfee error code 2 is appearing due to the corrupted Windows files then you should reinstall the McAfee antivirus from your device. Uninstall the setup from your device and remove all the files. Now install a fresh McAfee setup. Open McAfee dashboard and run a scan. In case you are still getting the error then ask the McAfee team for help.


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